Tenant Habitability Matters

Residential tenants are legally entitled to a safe and livable residences. In the area of law, this is referred to as the Implied Warranty of Habitability, which is implied in every residential lease. Landlords have the legal obligation to provide tenants with a livable place by the simple virtue of holding the premises out for rent. Habitability cases in California allow renters to recover damages for, among other things, constructive eviction, personal injury, tenant harassment, and over payment of rent. If you are a renter and your rental unit suffers from substandard conditions, but your landlord fails or refuses to correct and repair the conditions, you have rights! Contact our office for a comprehensive evaluation of your specific situation.

A Tenant Habitability matters covers a vast area of categories relating to, but not limited to the following:

Effective waterproofing and weather protection
Plumbing facilities
Water supply
Adequate heating facilities
Adequate removal of garbage
Structure repairs
Ventilating and air-conditioning
Sanitary Compliance

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